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Corporate History

National Business Communications (NBC) began life June 7th, 1994 as an outbound call center to serve the recently deregulated telephone industry.

Over the years NBC provided call center services to numerous industries including; banking, finance, healthcare, DRTV, automotive, insurance, compounding pharmacies, travel, utilities and retail.

During our 20 year history we have primarily been an outbound call center with about 70% outbound calling and 30% inbound calls. This is important to note because managing an outbound calling campaign is very sensitive to how leads are managed. NBC has developed proprietary lead management software and we consider ourselves experts in lead management!

It should be noted that the majority of NBC’s competitors are primarily inbound call centers which makes NBC uniquely qualified to bring our clients the greatest success when engaged in outbound calling.

We’ve thrived for 20 years by utilizing the latest technology, maintaining a robust quality control system, actively managing our Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating, treating our employees per the “Golden Rule” and always “challenging the status quo”.

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established 1994

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